A free tool designed to help you monitor and track the number of indexed pages for a domain (site-wide) or a specific folder. 

You can access the tool here

With thousands of online tools to help you understand competitor search rankings and traffic, it’s not easy to track how a website’s index, at site or folder level, has evolved. 

At present, Google Console allows website owners to track their index in detail but tracking specific folders or even competitor indexation is not supported. 

How Does Index Monitor Work?

This tool will allow you to track the daily index for two sites or folders for free i.e. www.google.com or google.com/folder/. The tool will check different data centres based on your selected location and report back twice daily. At any time, you can then easily download all this data in a CSV file. 

It’s not overly sophisticated, built to save time manually checking each day. 

Why Track how many pages your competitors have indexed?

Tracking a sites keyword ranking shifts and traffic is common practice when conducting competitor research. 

Despite Indexation often playing a significant role in a site’s ranking/traffic performance, it is a metric rarely tracked. 

By tracking the number of pages indexed by Google for a given website, we are better able to understand the following:

New Content – A site may have added or released fresh content for Googles crawlers to discover. This could be in the form of a blog or even by removing specific folders or pages from being blocked (robots.txt or no index tags). With Index monitor, you can track the entire site or even track specific folders of a website. 

Removed Content – A site may have blocked a specific area of their website from search engines in an attempt to clear up low quality or thin pages from the index. The removal of low-quality content can significantly impact a site’s search engine visibility. 


A site may be gradually increasing its footprint by indexing new pages. This may signify they are growing in authority ( Google indexing more pages), or on-page site changes have made the content more accessible/relevant. 

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